Public Comments Needed 2018-2019 California OHV Grants SOSNF

Stewards of Stanislaus National Forest

Public Input Needed 2018-2019 California State Parks OHV Green Sticker Grant Meeting

The Stewards of Stanislaus National Forest a Division of Stewards of the Sierra National Forest Inc. are requesting public input for the 2018-2019 California State Off-Highway Motor Vehicle (OHV) Green Sticker funding/proposal submission cycle by hosting a General Public Open House meetings on February 12, 2019 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm the meeting will be held at:

Dave’s Adventure Cycles

955 Shepard Ct Suite A-4

Oakdale Ca. 95361


Each year, the State of California makes funding available through the OHV Grants Program. The grants program provides financial assistance to eligible agencies and organizations (federal, city, county, nonprofit, etc.) that develop, expand, maintain, operate, support, or contribute to well-managed, high-quality, OHV recreation areas, roads and trails. The OHV grants program has funds that are available for education, operation and maintenance, law enforcement and restoration projects.

The Stewards of Stanislaus National Forest (SOSNF) will be submitting an OHV grant application for ground operations funding to help improve the overall OHV experience in the Stanislaus National Forest.

The SOSNF have begun developing our State OHV grant project proposal for the 2018/2019 program period. We would like to invite the public and our members to a open house meeting to discuss potential project ideas for our grant deliverables. The public open house meeting will be held February 12, 2019 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

2018-2019 Grant Cycle – Important Dates to Remember:

• January 7-11, 2019: Grants Program Workshops

• Monday January 14, 2019: Grant Application process begins.

• Monday March 4, 2019: Preliminary applications are due by 5:00 pm.

• Tuesday March 5, 2019 to Monday May 6, 2019: Public review and comment period.

• Monday June 3, 2019: Final applications are due.

• June and July 2019: OHMVR Division review of final applications.

• Monday August 5, 2019: Application Results-Intent to Award posted.

• Tuesday August 6, 2019 to Wednesday September 4, 2019: Thirty (30) calendar day appeal period.

• Thursday September 5, 2019: Final awards posted on the OHMVR Division’s website.