Subject: The Stewards need some help and support!!

Hey Stewards,

We are in dire need of a new motor/transmission for the Stewards side x side.  Our trail Rhino, has been our main workhorse for doing trail work and helping to keep trails open for us all to enjoy.  Since 2009, we have used the Rhino to haul equipment and tools, cleared downed trees, hauled rock and sign materials.  We need to get the Rhino up and running!

Our very own Suzanne Rice has created a go fund me account.  Please click on the link below.  We need to raise $5000 to get up and running again.  Please click on the link below and donate!!! If just 200 Stewards donated just $20 we could get back on the trail and do what we do best….

Trail Clearing Equipment, organized by Suzanne Rice

Once there, you can donate directly from the page.  Also from the page, please also hit share and share the link on your personal social media or via e mail. Let’s get this out and make this important fund raiser a big success!!!!!

Thank You in Advance

Steve Cowdrey

Stewards of the Sierra National Forest